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If you’ve bought a new 1080 high definition (HD) laptop to play Blu-Ray you’ll appreciate how great films look. However at the laptops native resolution it’s very difficult to read the text. So I’ve put together a few thing you might do to make it easier to see things!

Make your browser text bigger

Modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox allow you to zoom the page you’re viewing. This is great as you can see what you’re reading, however if you open a new browser window or new tab it’s back to 100% zoom.

Chrome: Auto Zoom
This extension that allows you to set the default zoom to something more legible such as 150%. Once it’s installed click the icon and choose options and enter your default zoom. It’s a bit clunky but it does the job. If you’re using Chrome 5 it now remembers your setting.

Firefox: Default FullZoom level
As the name suggests this Firefox add on remembers your zoom level and adds a control to the status bar to toggle default zoom size.

Make Windows text bigger

Right click the desktop, choose Personalize, then at the bottom choose Display. You can either bump this up to Medium 125% or 150% which I find too big. Clicking on the left ‘Set custom text size’ and type in a number such as 135%

Make the mouse icons bigger

Right click the desktop, choose Personalize, then on the left “Change mouse pointers” and choose Windows Aero (extra large). Also make sure you untick Allow themes to change mouse pointers.

That’s it, hopefully that will make your laptop easier to use. Let me know if you have any tips or programs you use to make it easier to read text on a high resolution screen below.

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If you have a  Sony Viao Series E laptop and WinDVD HD doesn’t work (you click on the program and it doesn’t load) it’s probably Threatfire stopping WinDVD playing BlueRay or DVDs.

Simply uninstalled Threatfire and WinDVD HD will (hopefully) work.

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My Blackberry pearl will only ring twice before going to voicemail. Which is never enough time to answer the call!

You can however adjust the amount of time (in seconds) that a number will ring if you dial the following code (press the green button then dial):


The last digits are the seconds before going to voicemail (25 seconds in this instance). The default is 15 seconds.

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To celebrate font studio Typotheque 10 year anniversary all fonts are half price for 24 hours on 22 September 2009.

Just enter discount code ‘10 years‘ at the checkout

Typotheque fonts


Fedra sans is particularly strong for corporate use

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There are times when you want to hide Joomla’s breadcrumb, for example the homepage or search results.

In your template add the following where you want your breadcrumbs to appear:

<div id="breadcrumbs">
if ( ( $_REQUEST['option'] != "com_frontpage" ) and ( $_REQUEST['option'] != "com_search" ) and ( $_REQUEST['option'] != "com_xmap" ) ) { ?>
    <jdoc:include type="modules" name="breadcrumbs" />
     <?php } ?>

This hides the breadcrumb from the home page (com_frontpage) the search results (com_search) and the site map, in this case Xmap (com_xmap). Make sure your breadcrumb mobile appears in the “breadcrumb” module position.

To hide a specific page add:

 ( $_REQUEST['id'] != "8" )

Where 8 is the id of that page. You can also do this for a task as well as an option, just adjust $_REQUEST['option'] to $_REQUEST['task'].

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