John Crumpton

My Blackberry pearl will only ring twice before going to voicemail. Which is never enough time to answer the call!

You can however adjust the amount of time (in seconds) that a number will ring if you dial the following code (press the green button then dial):


The last digits are the seconds before going to voicemail (25 seconds in this instance). The default is 15 seconds.

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  • Josonic

    This also works for Android so must be to do with o2 rather than the phone you are using. 

  • Kinderdolls

    Thanks  very much for this simple solution


  • This feature will be useful for you if you do not want to be disturbed when in a meeting. Remember, the noise which may be caused by your phone when it is ringing may distract you and other people who are also included in the conference. 

  • Geoff

    Hi Folks,

    Probably a bit late but I think the time periods are multiples of 5, e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. I tried putting in 6 and I got an error message of 'non-acceptance'. I then tried 30 and everything's okay.

  • Patricia

    i can't get it to work - and one would think that such a modification should be easier!

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